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by MPI Traveler on July 12, 2011

Hola, bonjour, and howdy, y’all! Welcome to the redesigned web outpost for Moments Places International’s properties, now centered on that most elusive of global pond-hoppers: the MPI Traveler!

We’ve chosen to focus our new website on a shared identity that many of our guests, friends, and other international personalities have described to us in their travels. We believe there’s something mysterious yet familiar to all of us who explore new countries and undertake new global adventures. This has taken the form of a traveler’s feeling, an identity that many of us experience but find it hard to explain.

Here on The MPI Traveler, you’ll find stories about our properties, the surrounding regions on which those properties stand, interviews with local personalities, and a whole host of surprises. But we already know how awesome our MPI properties in Fredericksburg, Bariloche, and Saint-Remy are! We want to hear from you! So if you’re a former guest, please submit your stories about your stays with us. Or if writing isn’t your thing, send us your favorite photos from our properties and/or their surroundings, and we’ll post the best ones on The MPI Traveler blog.

Every so often, we’ll run specials here on the blog, so consider subscribing to our feed via RSS or following us on Twitter and Facebook (where we’ll post announcements of new content from time to time). We’re also experimenting with an email newsletter that will periodically feature even more booking discounts, so sign up to receive it!

All of us are MPI Travelers, so we’d love to hear from you on your latest adventures! In addition to providing the most exotic luxury travel experience at our locations in Texas, Argentina, and France, we want to nurture an online community of travelers, adventurers, and vacationers. So please reach out and connect—you’ll be glad you did!

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