8 Days in St. Martin – Day 2 Hiking and Tapas

by MPI Traveler on October 28, 2011

We started at the villa near the top of Pic Paradis and walked up to the summit from which you have beautiful 360 degree views of the island and the sea.  We then embarked on a trail that headed down the other side to the next set of microwave towers.  This was almost straight down along a waterflow of rocks and roots which ended on a road just below the villa.

There are nice views here and most people stop at this point, but we kept going on the trail that lead us across the crest of the mountains.  We went about 2 miles before we hit a colony of spiders that had spun webs between the trees and we were walking under a spider web umbrella.  I’ll pass on that, so we headed back to the top.

That night we drove down the hill to the Loterie Farm for dinner.  This is a great venue which includes a wonderful restaurant, outdoor hiking/zip lines and who knows what else!  As it was Sunday night, the main restaurant was closed, but the Tree Lounge was open, and they have some amazing choices for drinks and tapas.  A great place for lunch or a semi-light dinner.



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