8 Days In St. Martin – Easy arrivals and first night

by MPI Traveler on October 27, 2011

View from Pic Paradis View from Pic Paradis

We arrived in St. Martin via Princess Juliana Airport  where the customs are easy if you get there at an off hour.  Don’t come in on a 747!

After picking up the rental car we headed for the super market. Hint for those who rent cars and are headed anywhere except Simpson Bay:  do not follow the directions on you GPS or that they give you at the rental car place – avoid the roads through Simpson Bay at all cost.  The traffic is unbelievable and you can be stuck for hours.  Instead take the road toward Terres Basses around the lagoon – the views are stunning and the traffic is much lighter.

We always head for the US Market just beyond Grand Case to stock up on snacks, wine, water, sun tan stuff, and anything else we didn’t want to carry on the plane.  There are several other great groceries on the Island.

We always stay at a great private villa at the top of Pic Paradis, which is hard to get to, but so worth it when you do.  The views are amazing.

For a really casual, but excellent first night dinner, stop by Piazza Pascal in Grand Case. Donna and Pascal are wonderful hosts and they offer simple pizzas/pasta dishes along with elegant specials.

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