Final des Jeux Taurins – (Championship for Camargue Bull Games)

by MPI Traveler on October 8, 2011

It’s not too late to get tickets for October 9th to the Final des Jeu Taureax in southern France which marks the end of  the summer long competition throughout the Camargue region.

A short history of the race

The “jeu taurin” (bull game) lies at the origin of the races: animals of all shapes and sizes and farmhands come together to fight and play with the bull. The oldest record of the origins of the Camargue races dates from 1402 : a race was organized in Arles in honour of Louis II, count of Provence. Later, towards the end of the 19th century, the ‘jeu taurin’ became less cruel, where it was only men that would play with the bull: the ‘attributs’ were fixed on the bull’s horns (red-white-and-blue rosettes, flowers, scarves in the colours of the herd) and had to be removed by the young enthusiasts.

In 1890s bull breeders became aware of the importance of the “Camargue” race of bulls, whose morphology and fighting spirit suits it more to racing rather than to work or meat production. So, since the beginning of the century, small fortunate arenas began to see bulls of great calibre clash with men that had mastered the art of the ‘razet’. This is when a rosette began to be stuck on the bull’s horns and prizes were awarded to whoever managed to remove the ‘attribut’. It was each man to their own! Regulations regarding the rosettes and the ‘crochets’ were adopted. From then on, only official razeteurs dressed in white were accepted into the ring. Different ‘attribut’ objects were added later on. The French Federation for Camargue Races is currently the official authority that regulates all the races.

 For more information :

 Fédération Française

de la Course Camarguaise

485, rue Aimé Orand

30000 Nîmes

Tél. : 04 66 26 05 35

Fax : 04 66 26 18 24


The Arles School of Razeteurs

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