Easter Fires in Fredericksburg

by MPI Traveler on March 15, 2013

Incorporating the Saxon custom of the Easter Fires, the City of Fredericksburg will perform its annual pageant commerating the founding of the town complete with 1840’s costumes of the settlers and the Comanches and yes, the Easter Bunny.  The German settlers incorporated the Easter bonfires with the signal fires that the Indians used to communicate that a peace treaty was in  force and that all was well between the two peoples.

Today, the Easter Fires Pageant is performed at the fairgrounds on the Saturday evening before Easter (March 30th this year) and bonfires are lit on the hills surrounding the town (provided there are no burn bans in effect).  It is quite a site to see these bonfires light up the Spring night sky.

For information and tickets :

Easter Fires of Fredericksburg Pageant

Gillespie County Fairgrounds.  Begins at dusk (approx. 8 pm).  $10 adults, $1 children 6 to 12; under 6 free.
Address: 530 Fair Drive Phone: (830) 997-2359    

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