The Grape Harvest in the South of France

by MPI Traveler on September 16, 2013

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September is a fantastic month to visit my part of France. Yes the sniff of autumn is there but it is still hot and gorgeous and beach-worthy. The grapes are bursting on the vines and this is a fantastic time to come and explore without the crowds of tourists bustling in your way.

Towards the end of September is the Vendange (Grape Harvest), it is the busiest time of the year for a winery. Festivals and events focusing around the excitement of the annual grape harvest keep the tradition and anticipation in full bloom, long after the grapes have ripened.

My local Chateau (Maylandie) always sends out invitations for those wishing to partake in the harvest. All my gite guests and I willingly participate – it is hard work you are warned, but fun and very rewarding.

Handpicked grapes are chosen for the winery’s finest vintage. The day starts with a good breakfast (to give us energy) and of course we are provided with a hearty picnic – spread out in the vines in front of a little chapel. It is hard to get back to work after that and tempting to sunbathe amongst the rows of voluptuous vines but once you are in a rhythm you get your groove and then finally… the last grape is picked. You can go home, scrub up and return to the Cave for a really fabulous slap up meal (last year it was wild boar) and bottles and bottles of delicious handpicked wine.

Who’s joining me this year?Honor Marks  Honor Marks runs the Maison de La Roche, a once neglected wine domaine in Languedoc-Roussillon which has been bought back to life as gites.

Additonal gites to check out:  Domaine de Saint Remy on the Route de Lunel near Aimargues.  The harvest is definitely on and the Cowboy festival is not far away.

For information:

Route de Lunel  30470 Aimargues, France +33 4 66 88 51 97









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