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by MPI Traveler on August 18, 2014

Rancho Santana 2014 Just in from Nicaragua….a new update on Las Cinco Playas de Rancho Santana.  For the non-Spanish speakers the name translates as The 5       Beaches of Rancho Santana.  And beautiful beaches they are. 

Most outposts and camps are small, boutique properties. That’s because it’s hard to find the attention to detail, beautiful accommodations, and expert guides that we so value at big name resorts around the globe. Las Cinco Playas de Rancho Santana in Nicaragua breaks the mold. The 2,700-acre resort on the Western shore of the country merges a wildly large operation with first class hospitality and lodging, creating a destination perfect for the entire family to visit.    11830-RanchoPool-Large

Rancho Santana boasts five distinct beaches, a farm to table restaurant literally stocked by a farm on the resort, and enough activities to convince you to move there – which you can do, if you’d like to purchase a private residence on the property. We think you just might.   

For more information on Rancho Santana:  1-888-870-0903



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