by Chip (aka Mark) Graham on November 19, 2014

We left on a redeye out of San Francisco headed for Miami, with a nice 2 hour connection time to St. Martin.  Shortly after drifting off into a nice sleep about an hour and half into the flight our sleep comes to a rude awakening as we hear commotion and flight attendants running up and down the aisle.  Then the request for a doctor or nurse.  ugh…then we felt the plane slowing down, and in a few moments the dreaded ‘We are being diverted to Phoenix for a medical emergency’.  Most people on that flight are connecting to somewhere so there was much angst in the cabin.  After touching down they got the sick passenger off the plane, we got refueled and took off about an hour later.  Other than one of the male flight attendants running back and forth worrying about the sharps containers it was a rather uneventful diversion.  Kudos to American Airlines for getting us back in the air quickly.

We arrived in Miami with only 20 minutes to get to our departing flight, which is not much in that giant airport.  I have never run so fast through an airport, but we made it to the gate only to find out that flight was delayed!  Ha ha…it was a 30 minute delay and allowed us to catch our breath and get a drink of water before boarding the flight, which was kind of nice.

Once we got into St. Martin, about 1:30PM, we picked up our rental car at Avis. They have always been awesome, so we keep going back.  Then we headed across the new bridge and decided to try Le Grand Marche supermarket near the airport.  I was unimpressed but did buy some wine there.  We then headed to one we like better, the Simply super market, in Grand Case and stocked up on some meat and cheese plates, crackers, water, and of course more wine.

View from VillaAfter arriving at the Villa we took a very short rest, joined the other guests for a sunset glass of wine. The view from up here is quite beautiful. After social hour we headed down to enjoy our meat & cheese with crackers overlooking the pool and amazing view of the island and the sea.  A very good bottle of rosé helped us unwind and bring this day to a nice finish.

Oh yeah, for those who may be wondering, the sick person was actually OK once we landed and was able to walk off the plane.  So that is good for him.

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