Dead Waters, Pizza, Wine, Family

by Chip (aka Mark) Graham on May 28, 2015

St RemyIt is always nice to spend time at the house at the  Mas de St. Remy.  It is one of the most peaceful settings surrounded by the vineyards and polo fields.  We are also surrounded by very dear friends who live on the mas, or very near it.  Mary’s house is the one of the far left at the edge of the picture.

Today was a very quiet day, after a relaxing slow start to the day we went to Aigues Mortes (Dead Waters) which is a fortified city on the coast, known for its still waters and the salt they manufacture. Aigues MortesIt is a beautiful town, but hugely touristy!  We had lunch on the main plaza which is full of restaurants.  We picked Les Capucins which was nice and had room for a party of 7.  Pizza and Pasta were good choices for this sunny day.  We lingered for a couple of hours and headed back to the house.    That night we headed to Le Grill in Lunel for a very relaxed dinner.  This is more of a local place and offers a variety of food.  Mary and Piper at Le GrillPizza is of course a specialty, but having had that for lunch we opted for the specials of the day.  They do offer great options for kids, like half sized meals of pretty much anything on the menu and that comes with a desert.  Happy kids makes for happy dining!

The servers were awesome and knowing just a little French went a long way in making sure everyone got what they wanted.  You may have noticed that so far every meal we have eaten in France has been outside!  The weather has been awesome on this trip and we have been able to take advantage of it.

After dinner we headed back to the house and Derek and I had a nice walk along the vineyard as evening set in.  Tomorrow Bayan and his girls arrive and the real fun begins!

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