Family, Friends, Flamencos and French Cowboys

by Chip (aka Mark) Graham on May 30, 2015

20150530_205159Our last day at the mas was quite a big one.  The Longhorn Ranch, which is based on the mas, held their 10th anniversary rodeo and shindig over the weekend.  Saturday night was a huge party with a Flamenco band and dancers.  This was one of the highlights of our trip for many reasons, but most importantly is that we got to meet and mingle with so many new people.  We met tons of people, ate tons of food (fresh local mussels and awesome paella), and drank a lot of wine.  Funny how the French flows much easier out of my mouth the more wine I drink! On Sunday was the rodeo, and it was quite fun.  They had some roping, some wrangling and a small cattle drive of longhorns for the kids.  If you didn’t know there were cowboys and longhorns in France, well, you do now!  Check out their Facebook page for some fun videos from the party and the rodeo and their new babies!  We had to leave at noon on Sunday, but we were able to see some good rodeo activity and say goodbye to our new friends from the party, some of whom were participating as rodeo contestants. Au revoir nos amis de St Remy!



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