Toulouse La Trek 1

by Chip (aka Mark) Graham on May 24, 2015

ToulouseDM1Our first full day started with a very nice petite dejeuner (breakfast) at the hotel.  They offer a good selection of fresh cold meats and cheeses, pastries, bread, cereal and fruits,   fresh squeezed OJ and they have a pretty nice coffee machine that will make pretty much any kind of coffee drink you want.  We then embarked on one of Derek’s death marches as I call them – a nice long walk with no known destination, which makes them more interesting.  This one was right at 5 miles, and we explored a good part of the city.  On the way from the hotel to the river we passed the Place du Capitole, which is a major tourist attraction.  Lots of restaurants line the plaza and there is usually some ‘entertainment’ going on.  We also wandered through a neighborhood where the street names were both in French and Basque.  The different ages of the buildings was very interesting.  A mid century building would be right next to an 18th century home that was next to what looked like a 10th century building.  And so many different styles that it was quite hard to get a sense of continuity, which was a nice change from other towns where every building has the same basic style.  We wandered across the river and through a very nice park on the far side of the river.  There were a lot of people practicing tight rope walking…I have never seen that before, but we did pass an acrobat school later on our walk – that made more sense of the park activities.

20150524_203852 That night we decided to go for pizza and wandered over to Pizzeria Vecchio for an easy dinner. Good pizzas, service was ok, wine was quite nice and it made a good end to a nice day.

After dinner we walked around a little bit and headed back to the hotel for a good sleep.

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