Toulouse La Trek 2

by Chip (aka Mark) Graham on May 25, 2015

Toulouse-DM2 Our second day was pretty much a walk in the park, literally. We used the very nice and modern Tisséo network (metro transit) to transport us to some of the cities best parks, and used some of the most beautiful tree/park lined boulevards to navigate between others. Buy a day pass if you want to get the best deal for getting around at € 5.50 per person.  Even with the metro passes we still walked a nice 4.1 miles! (1.3 at the first parks and 2.8 at the second stop)

We started at the Compans Caffarelli – Pierre Baudis, a very nice park on the northern side of town which includes the Japanese Garden.  The park has some very interesting artwork, such as the metal dragon in the lake sculpture.

The main park is nice and has all kinds of paved and natural trails to follow. The Japanese Garden is stunning and what you would expect.  We were fairly early and it was a weekday so it was really quiet except for the frogs in the pond that were demanding all kinds of attention! There are lots of places to sit and contemplate life and nature.  We then walked along the canal to the next metro stop and got out at the François-Verdier station.  From there we wandered down the Allées Forain-François Verdier which is a beautiful boulevard with a tree lined park in the middle.   We then made it around the Jardin de Grand Rond  then to the Jardin Royal which is quite small but nice, and then across the street to the Jardin de Plantes (Botanical Garden).   There is a nice tower you can walk up that has a great view of the park.  From here we wandered through town a bit, grabbed a subway back to Jean-Jarès and had a nice lunch at L’Atelier du Burger, an easy, laid back burger place with great burgers and outside seating.  Dinner was enjoyed at Bistro Regent, a small French chain that serves up good food.  Find out more about the cities great parks here: Toulouse City Parks.

Blvd. Allées Forain-François Verdier Blvd. Allées Forain-François Verdier François Verdier François Verdier 20150525_105722 Dragon sculpture Japanese Gardens Japanese Gardens

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