Pigeon Holes and Texas Tacos

by Chip (aka Mark) Graham on June 18, 2015

20150529_170112On Friday we went to see a new property Bayan has purchased which includes a tower famous for it’s homing pigeon lofts where war pigeons were used by the French army until after WWII. We did climb all the way up the old staircases and found some amazing rooms with stunning floors that just need some TLC to make into a wonderful home. Well, more than TLC- they really are a disaster, but the floors are nice! Add some plumbing, electricity and appliances and voila – you have a home!

20150529_16531020150529_165145 20150529_165002At the very top of the tower are two floors of pigeon lofts.  The pigeons have been gone for years, but their poop remains (yuck!).  These rooms are huge and there must be thousands of lofts. From there we headed up to the roof to get some pretty awesome views of the countryside and take goofy pictures.  Derek collected  a piece of French Oak for Piper while we were there.

20150529_205710Later that night Mary held a Texas BBQ / Taco Dinner at the house for all who were at the mas. It was quite fun and a new thing for many of the French visitors.  Of course we built our tacos and headed out to sit in the evening sun. Lots of wine and camaraderie brought a great time with friends and family to a close.

Tomorrow is a big event at the mas…and we must get our rest!

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