Burgers in Versailles

by Chip (aka Mark) Graham on January 10, 2016

We decided to take the train to Versailles for the day, and with our handy Paris Visite pass all we had to do was walk across the street and hop on a train (though it does help to check the schedule!).  After a fairly quick 45 minutes we arrived at the train station and were greeted by tons of vendors trying to sell tickets and tours to the chateau. We headed off on foot and glanced at the Chateau, but having been there before we opted to explore the town which we had not done before. We stumbled upon a very large and nice farmers market which had some amazing produce and other stuff.

slider_Le-PAPA-NOEL-937x341We then meandered around looking for something simple and light for lunch. We found Les Burgers de Papa which had some really good burgers like the Tete de Lard, which comes with beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, arugula and a béarnaise sauce.  Or you can get the Grand Papa – a good beef steak, a nice slice of ham, a few pickled onions, a handful of mushrooms, lettuce and cocktail sauce topping, yum!

If you have not been to Versailles, you should definitely visit the Chateau – it is the height of French elegance, which can be a bit overwhelming, but they did it well.  Then wander around town and look for a fun place to eat.  There are tons of bistros and cafes and even a nice burger joint!

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