History – Maison des Vignerons

The Maison des Vignerons at Domaine de Saint Remy is a newly restored 17th century two story stone house in the heart of France’s Camargue region. It is located on the site of the former Villa de Malespels, mentioned in writing as early as 813.

During the 12th century the ownership of the Villa was transferred to the monks of Psalmody who gave it the name of Saint-Roman de Malespels. The present name of the Mas (house) comes from the Baron Coursulle de Saint-Rémy family who owned it during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Story has it the present day courtyard is located over the remains of the Church of Saint-Cirice des Marges.

The city of Airmargues continues their research to confirm the sacred site. The road in front of Maison de Vignerons is part of a 16 Kilometer nature and history route to be marked with special signage.