Moments Places International is a family owned business that invests in the communities we love to visit.  We currently have bed and breakfasts in France, Argentina, and the United States. We strive to provide the key ingredients that can turn a moment or an activity into a memory. We do that by providing warm and open venues in diverse locations for friends, families and lovers of nature, outdoor sports and entertaining.

All of our properties are embedded in unique and exquisite environments that support outdoor activities, sports and adventures and include sacred spaces for contemplation and recharging. Every property has an area, the tools and the furnishings for outdoor or indoor cooking. Each Bed and Breakfast is authentically local with its culture of live music, outstanding cuisine, weekly markets and wine production, all of which are within an arm’s reach.

Ours is not a fancy mission statement but rather one built on our belief that we are proud to call each location “home.”